Shaddup Already!


my neighbor and gardening

I have this elderly neighbor across the street named Peggy. She is mostly housebound and has no problem asking for help. I help when I can.

She called me the other day and asked if I had any Coke (that's Coca-cola, btw, really, it is). I had a brand new 12 pack, so I brought her 6 cans over. She kept saying she would pay me back, but it's not something I was concerned about, you know.

So tonight I decided to go out and take pictures of my planting areas at the front of my house and there was a six pack of Coke sitting in front of my door. I wonder if she had her renter bring it over. At any rate, no one knocked or rang. Unless I was sleeping at the time.

Now on to the gardening part. I have this front planter area at my house that grows really strong and vibrant weeds. Now we're not talking about the pretty weeds that are topped with delicate flowers, we're talking about crabgrassy, meadows of knee-deep growth. It manages to strangulate anything I put in the garden. Of course, if I took care of my plants, they might actually survive. See, I never weed.

Anyway, my plan was to clean out this planter area this summer while I was on break. Now, let's think about this a minute, I got out of school at the end of May and it's now the middle of July. Nothing has been done to the planting bed. I go back to work next week. Yikes!

So now I have decided to work on the planter in the mornings this week. It's impossible to work on it during much after 10:00 because I live in the oven known as FL--with a heat index of 355 degrees (okay, I exagerrate, but only slightly). And I thought it would be fun to take before and after photos. Yeah, I know, I need a life.

I'm hoping to make a big improvement on the state of my front entrance within the next week. I'm kind of the blight of my neighborhood because I am so not domestic. I'm also lazy. It would be nice to clean something up.

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