Shaddup Already!


Have you ever noticed. . . .

. . .that as the evening gets later, I post more. I wonder what is up with that.

I'm trying to do a little laundry and I was forced to put my delicate size 10 feet into dampish slippers.

I never used to wear slippers, but I had these two really major surgeries. Basically my feet were really flat and my achilles tendons were too short. By the age of 25 I could barely walk. Something isn't right with that.

So I went to this renowned podiatrist who fixed me good. He rebuilt my feet by breaking bones, putting in bone grafts (in the form of coral, actually) and moving tendons around to support it all. It was a long recovery with a vast improvement.

I had him do my worst foot first. He refused to do both feet at the same time until I could walk on my hands. Basically the recovery time for this surgery is 6-8 weeks non-weight bearing and a year of recovery after that.

Anyway, he did my right foot first and it went horribly. I'm not complaining because I'm still better off than I was before, but I think the foot was worse than he expected. I signed this little piece of paper that said I understood I could die or lose feeling in my foot or leg. Who knew one of those things would happen?

Now I can't feel the bottom of my right foot or just above my knee of my right leg. It is a pretty weird and not exactly comfortable situation. I liken it to having your foot fall asleep, but before it gets to the unbearably prickly stage.

I can feel things that go far into my foot or like when I burned my leg. Eventually I felt it, but by the time I feel something the pain is excruciating and completely indescribable. So now I wear slippers around the house. Believe me, I've stepped on some things and whined like a baby for weeks afterward.

So I washed my slippers yesterday and set them out to dry. Stupid me set one slipper on top of the other. So one slipper was almost dry and the other one was still really damp. So I stuck them in the dryer, but not for long enough.

See, I wanted to throw all my socks in the washing machine with the next load, including the pair I was wearing. That meant I had to take off my shoes, and I wasn't walking around with bare feet. So I put on dampish slippers.

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