Shaddup Already!



Surprise, surprise, it's raining in FL. Who'da thunk it? This wouldn't be so bad, except I have lost my satellite reception. Now this too wouldn't be so bad, but I was watching (listening, really) to the movie About Schmidt. It takes me a while to get interested in a movie and I was just interested in this one. Bah!

See, I hate cable. Moreover, I hate the cable company because they have gotten lazy in their customer service. So I went with satellite dish. I love it. Even though we get storms every single frickin' day in FL, I don't often lose my reception. Unless it is a storm that indicates the world will come crashing to an end at any second. Much like the storm we have now.

Anyway, it's a small price to pay to be able to screw the cable company.

Now, the storm is so bad that my computer is flickering with each lightening bolt. And what do I do? I sit here in front of major electrical equipment waiting to see if the lightening will hit me. I once had lightening zip past my shoulder through a window, but that's the closest I've come. Now I'm tempting the fates.

I could be playing Sims some more, because I'm a geek, but I might lose power and then I would lose all my hard work. I hate it when that happens. Once I had made like 15 friends and got promoted a whole bunch and the power went out. Now I'm obsessive about saving my game. Because, I truly am a geek.

I finally found a picture of a sloth, which doesn't sound too exciting, but it is for me. See last year (keeping in mind that I run on school years, not calendar years) I started averaging out the grades for "No Name." I hung all the papers and the average up on the wall and it really disturbed the kids. They started accusing No Name of stealing their papers and they would try to get them off the wall. Tweren't gonna happen.

So this year I was going to put a sketch of an actual person and name No Name. I didn't start No Name until the end of the year, but this year it will be from the very beginning.

Anyway I was in a quandry, should No Name be a girl or a boy? What should I call them? Can I guarantee I won't have a student by that name? So I finally remembered the three-toed sloth. The laziest creature in the world. They move so slowly that moss grows on them. I decided to use a sloth instead of a person to represent No Name.

Then I had a problem of finding an appropriate drawing of a sloth to transfer to my wall. At first I could only find photos, which I didn't want to use. I wanted a line drawing. Then I was watching Stanley (on Playhouse Disney because I'm a geek) and saw his sloth episode. So I went on a hunt in search of a coloring page of Stanley's sloth. They didn't have one.

Then it occured to me to enter "sloth coloring page" in the handy-dandy google site and voila! I had more line drawing sloths than I knew what to do with.

Now I just need a name. Any suggestions?

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