Shaddup Already!


a conversation at a local store

A man and a woman are walking past the baby supplies aisle.

Woman: I don't want to even go down that aisle.

Man: We may need something from that aisle.

Woman: We don't have a baby.

Man: But what if someone drops one off on our doorstep, what would we do then?

Woman: Give it back.

Same man and woman at checkout.

Woman: You really got a lot of stuff.

Man: I've been adding up the total in my head. It should be $45.99.

Cashier: (laughs, as they have clearly exceeded that mark)

Woman: You must of missed something.

Man: No, I got it all.

Woman: Even the $4.00 gallon of milk?

Man: $4.00 FOR A GALLON OF MILK!!!!

I found it amusing that I had so much in common with the way complete strangers think. I would return the baby too and I cannot believe th price of milk these days. Thankfully cars don't run on milk.

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