Shaddup Already!


Some ponderings

Why, if fairly large children are riding in car seats, isn't the gecko from Geico in a car seat? Do most new cars come equipped with gecko sized seatbelts? Mine didn't and it's only a couple of months old. Maybe I'll talk to the dealer about that.

Why don't they just make more than one Eggo waffle in those commercials? I mean, they come 8 to a box or something like that. Haven't they learned?

Why do they use blue colored water to demonstrate the effectiveness of feminine products? Has anyone ever gone to the doctor concerned that their period isn't blue? Why do I feel the least feminine while I'm using feminine products?

If our bodies sleep best in complete darkness, why don't our eyelids block all light?

Why would they create a sleep mask that doesn't block all light? Why would I be the one stupid enough to buy it?

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